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Want Cash For Junk Cars? Scrap Your Car Today!

At our junk yard, we pay cash for cars and we go pick up scrap cars in Battle Creek, MI and surrounding areas for free in order to help you scrap your car and clean up the environment at the same time.

We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry on used vehicles and auto parts, we are the region’s top choice for full-service junk yards. We are a used auto parts retailer that provides robust warranties.

When you buy an auto part from a junk yard, you deserve to enjoy peace of mind about your purchase.

We buy over 200 junk cars every month! We pride ourselves on being a green auto recycling facility that you can trust to take the proper steps to sell a car, scrap your car and recycle your car in an environmentally friendly manner. Visit us today and you will be glad you did!

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Don’t continue holding on to your unusable vehicle. We pay cash for junk cars. Scrap your car today, just call or text us and tell us about your car. We will then determine the best way to maximize the value for you and your scrap cars. Next we will schedule a tow truck to come pick up the vehicle in a safe and professional manner. That’s it! You sell a car, we pay you on the spot, cash for cars; it’s that easy. Call today to get a quote: (269) 962-9521.

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Thousands of used auto parts at the greatest prices in Southwest Michigan.

Our inventory of scrap cars and junk cars changes daily within our junk yard. Check out our Facebook page to see our latest arrivals or call today and we will search our vast inventory for you.

Finding parts for your vehicle can be a challenge. Ordering new parts is expensive, and you might have a hard time finding what you need. Save time and money at Airway Auto Parts.


We offer a huge selection of foreign and domestic used auto parts at our junk yard in Southwest Michigan. Stop by today to pick up a copy of our newest parts price list! We have a vast inventory of top-quality standard and rare parts for your car, truck, SUV, camper or boat. New inventory arrives daily, so visit us now to see what we have in stock.

With the exception of a few parts that can not be recycled in the state of Michigan, if it’s on a vehicle, we will sell it! Don’t see it on our price list? No Worries. Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

With the exception of a few parts that can not be recycled in the state of Michigan, if it’s on a vehicle, we will sell it! Don’t see it on our price list? No Worries. Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We make pulling your own used car parts from scrap cars easy. Our vehicles are conveniently organized by make, and they’re lifted for safe and easy access. Bring your own tools to pull your parts and save up to 80% on the used auto parts you need.

Find the parts you need at prices you’ll love. Here are just a few more examples of the parts available at Airway Auto Parts of Southwest Michigan.

Here is a small sampling of the used car parts you can pull at our auto junk yard, including: 

  • Alternators
  • Electrical Parts
  • Dashboard Covers
  • Doors
  • Engines and Engine Parts
  • Auto Glass
  • Hitches
  • Horns
  • License Plate Frames
  • Lights
  • Radiators
  • Radios
  • Tires
  • Transmissions
  • Truck accessories
  • Wheels

Visit our auto junk yard in Battle Creek, Michigan today

Used tires Battle Creek, MI.


Do you need to replace your tires? We’ve got you covered. 

Half the price or lower on brand name tires with 90% – 60% tread life. Inspected professionally by hand & on a special tire checker. Buy with confidence.

If you’re not happy or change your mind – get in touch and we will refund your order. No hassles just great customer service!

If you’re not happy or change your mind – get in touch and we will refund your order. Call today to get a quote: (269) 962-9521

Used cars Battle Creek, MI.

Used Cars

Buying a used car?

If you’ve come here looking for a great deal on a used car or certified pre-owned (CPO) car, truck, SUV for sale, then you’re in the right place. Airway Auto has everything you need to know about finding and buying the best cheap used car near you. At Airway, we offer used car reviews, loan information, expert reviews, consumer car reviews, car cost comparisons (based on factors like condition, body style, mileage and trim level), vehicle appraisal calculators, images and videos, technical features, specifications and more.

Come view all of Airway Auto’s used inventory, containing reliable used automobiles, trucks and SUVs for sale with special offers, appraise your current vehicle for sale or trade-in value. In that case, you sell a car, and get a more desirable one.

Buying a used car is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. You pay less for the automobile and avoid the depreciation that new-car buyers face the moment the vehicle rolls off the dealer’s lot. Buying used has a number of other advantages as well. You will pay less for registration and insurance. Also, the margin for a discount may be greater when you buy a pre-owned automobile. And if you purchase the vehicle from a private party, you will likely get an even better price than you would at a dealership.

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