Cash For Cars
We pay cash for scrap cars.

Cash For Cars

If you’re looking to turn your own junk car into cash, check out our cash for cars program. At Airway Auto Parts & Recycling, we come to you to analyze the junk car for pickup. Then, we pay you car for your junk car.

We are the real deal when it comes to auto salvage in Battle Creek, MI. If you’re looking to scrap your car, we are all about investing cash for cars to then recycle them, and repurpose any salvageable parts that other people can benefit from. We make sure everything that can be used, does get put to good use.


Cash For Cars is great for the environment.

Here are the four key points we emphasize:

  • Full-Service Car Recycling
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Tires & Batteries
  • We Pay Cash for your Junk Car  

Ready for Cash For Cars?

We know you don’t want to your unusable vehicle sitting in your driveway any longer. That’s why we’ve put this program together! Call one of our friendly technicians at 269-962-9521 so you can get cash for cars today.

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