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Cash for junk car.

Cash for Junk Car

Looking to get cash for junk car?

There are many parts on your car that can be recycled. Some of the materials we recycle are metal, aluminum, and rubber. Check out the facts of auto recycling:

  • 25 million tons of recycled materials are gathered from salvaged or recycled cars, trucks, and vans.
  • Enough steel is recycled each year to produce 13 new million vehicles in the US and Canada.
  • Nearly 12 million cars are recycled each year in the US alone, making autos the most recycled consumer product in the nation.
  • Recycled oil saves over 84 million barrels of oil each year in North America.
  • Automobiles produce 40% of ferrous metal for the scrapping industry.
  • Used auto parts cost consumers 20-80 percent less than full priced auto parts-in some cases windshields can be recycled too.
  • Up to 99% of car batteries can be recycled.
  • Tires can be recycled for new tires, tracks, playgrounds, shoes, furniture, and much more.


Keep in mind that with new green inventions popping up each year that we continue to innovate with, that more methods of recycling auto parts and auto elements continue to expand.

Any toxic items such as oil and other hazardous chemicals that junk yards are not able to recycle or salvage will be disposed of with the our healthy environment in mind.

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