March 7, 2018

"The people working here are really really nice. They are great workers."
January 19, 2018

Charlene Lough

"I loved my experience with Airway Auto overall! Love the people, and they are very friendly!!,. I tell everyone about Airway Auto, My family Loves Airway Auto!! I had herd about Airway from driving by, friends and my family frequents there. I selected Airway because it was important to me to have someone who is understanding, helpful & nice!"
January 19, 2018

John Harris

"I saw Airway on T.V. and decided to check them out. They are very nice people & Dennis explained the two year warranty to me. My experience with Airway was a very good one. I would recommend them to everyone I know."
January 19, 2018

Shawntina Anderson

"The best thing I like about Airway is their warranty, I think that’s a very good thing! I love their workers and they were helpful! I heard about them from friends. I would highly recommend them and I had excellent service!"
January 19, 2018

Amy Humphreys

"My experience with Airway Auto was good service and very friendly! I had herd about them online from their website and a friend. I would highly recommend Airway Car Sales to others. I like the two year warranty !"