January 19, 2018

Evan Hider

"It was important for me to select a car dealer that offered the right car at the right price. I heard about Airway Auto by driving by. Airway & Dennis clearly explained the two year warranty that came with my car. I would highly recommend Airway to my friends and co-workers, I had good service!"
January 19, 2018

Lauren Yates

"The most important thing about choosing a car dealer is How the salesman treats the client. Airway gave me a fair deal on a reliable car. Airway exceeded my expectations. I have gotten parts from Airway before so it was easy to buy a car from them. I would highly recommend Airway I was absolutely impressed with their car sales. I had the best experience ever at Airway!! Todd the Car salesman was fabulous! Airway Car sales has changed my life. I’ve been with out a car for 17months & this solid car will give me back my independence!"
January 19, 2018


"I selected Airway based on the pricing. They were super helpful in getting me into a car quickly. I had herd about them by driving by and thought I would check it out. Airway did a great job explaining the two-year warranty. I would highly recommend them to my family, friends & co-workers. My experience at Airway was Awesome!!"
January 19, 2018

Genera Woodmarsee

"I felt that it was important to select a dealer that would check the vehicle out thoroughly. Airway was very helpful in quickly getting me into a car. I heard about Airway from my son. I would recommend Airway to my friends, family & co-workers. Their staff was very nice & helpful."
December 15, 2017

Adam Hopkins

"Great place. I got all of my parts for an affordable price. The staff is polite and helpful."