Cash For Cars

Scrap Yard Battle Creek

Scrap cars and scrap vans at Airway Auto Parts & Recycling in junk yard in Battle Creek, MI

Is Airway Auto the best scrap yard Battle Creek has?

We’ve had hundreds of customers who would say yes, it is the best scrap yard Battle Creek has to offer. You can check out some of our Google business reviews if you’d like.

Services we provide at Airway Auto Parts scrap yard Battle Creek.

We’ve got used cars in our lot for sale, pull your own parts from our junk yard, used batteries available in our shop, and best of all, the scrap your car service that we offer. Basically, we buy your junk car from you and we come pick it up for free.  This is our way of giving back to the community and doing our part for our planet. What are you waiting for? Stop in or give us a call right now!

Recent Cars at our Scrap Yard Battle Creek

  • 1999 Lexus RX 350 : Airway Auto Parts & Recycling | Battle Creek Junk Yard
  • 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse: Car Removal Service | Athens, MI

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