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Sell Car To Junk Yard Near Me

Sell car to junk yard near me - call Airway Auto Parts.

It can be a pain to find the right place when you’re trying to “sell car to junk yard near me“, we know. Don’t worry, because right now, your problem is solved since you’re in a town that we provide free vehicle pickup service in. 

We know that you’d love to get the most out of your vehicle, and we pay top notch for cars that run and cars that don’t run. Even if they don’t run, we come pick’em up for you at no charge, in fact, we pay you on the spot when our driver comes to pickup your vehicle.

Sell car to junk yard near me in:


3 Benefits To Sell Car To Junk Yard Near Me

At Airway Auto Parts, we go above and beyond for 3 main reasons:

  • We want you to get paid well for your vehicle, whether it runs or not.
  • Airway takes leadership in making Michigan’s environment clean and safe.
  • We take pride in picking up your vehicle, knowing that we helping you and your family.


Sell car to junk yard near me!

Let’s make it happen. Give us a quick call today at 269-962-9521 to schedule the sale of your vehicle. We’re ready to make it a quick and easy experience for you. 

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