Cash For Cars

Sell Junk Car

Sell junk car.

Looking to sell junk car for some cash?

At Airway Auto Parts and Recycling, we like to call the old car that’s been sitting in the side yard by the nickname “junk car”… and we tend to pay top notch when you decide to sell junk car. We can pickup most cars, trucks, and vans within two hours from your call, and if not, the next business day.

As part of the auto wrecking industry we take pride in ensuring that all of our Michigan professional partners are as invested in recycling as we are. Once your junk car is removed, we take care of the rest. Your car will be recycled for used auto parts in Michigan and materials.

Don’t fall for the greedy car removal professionals who try to charge you for pick up, or require you to transport your old or broken down car to them. Instead, trust in USA Junk Car removal to recycle and dispose of your car in the most responsible manner.

Sell Junk Car Today!

If you live in the Battle Creek, Michigan area call us to sell junk car today! We will have it picked up by one of  our pro’s today:  269-962-9521 Call now to finally sell junk car today. 

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