Cash For Cars

Used Tires

Alongside our tremendous selection of used auto parts and used cars, Airway Auto Parts & Recycling also brings customers a great selection of used tires in Battle Creek, MI. 

If you’ve recently experienced a flat or blowout, or are just looking for a cheaper set of new treads, we’ve got the gently used tires you’re looking for!

Thanks to the diversity of autos that come through our salvage yard, we’re able to stock a huge inventory of all different tire sizes and tread types—not to mention pairs and sets for seamless replacements to your existing treads.

used tireAffordable Used Tires

Making the choice to outfit your vehicle with used tires is a smart investment. Airway Auto Parts & Recycling carries used tires ranging in prices from $20 per individual tire to $500 for a complete set. We’re able to help you determine what kind of tires are right for your car, then locate them in our inventory and provide you with an accurate price.

Rotating Inventory

There are always new options coming through our used tire shop in Battle Creek, MI, which allows us to meet the needs of most customers who need tires. Whether you need singles, sets, pairs, spares or any other specific tire, there’s a good chance we can provide you with a viable solution.

Rotating inventory also means we have a diverse range of tire brands at any given time. If you have a specific brand preference or if you’re trying to match your existing tires, we’ll be glad to see what we have in stock.

Choose to Buy Used

If you need replacement tires, think twice before you choose to buy a brand-new set. For a fraction of the cost, Airway Auto Parts & Recycling will provide you with good treads that keep your car out on the road. Visit our used tire shop in Battle Creek, MI and let our helpful staff provide you with a solution to your tire needs.

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